About Us

Kate and Gary are two friends who like to get together every now and then to sample some of the best food New York City has to offer, whether it be in a restaurant or in their own kitchens.

Gary lives in Astoria, NY and is an IT professional working in web production/design. He is also a freelance photographer and writer, having been published on several web sites and print publications. A second generation Asian-American, he grew up eating plenty of Chinese food (which is good) which made him annoyingly picky when it came to Western food. Until recent years, he would balk at eating cheese or anything with mayonnaise or mustard in it yet he wouldn’t blink at eating tripe or goat brisket. He’s working at getting over his strange food phobias and where better to do so than by sampling all the different cuisines available to him in New York City?

Kate is a bartender/yoga teacher/actress who lives in Brooklyn, NY. Originally from Portland, OR, her first memories are of her mom growing basil (back before pesto was a household term). She is an avid reader of the New York Times Dining and Wine section which, along with her many part-time jobs in the service industry have given her a profound appreciation for the experience of dining out. She now devours all the cooking magazines, food columns, and food blogs she can lay her hands on and then sets out to make what she has read about. Until a few years ago, Kate was a foodie who ate anything but now she is a veggie foodie as she attempts to live a more ahmisic (non-harming) lifestyle. Will she judge anyone else for what they choose to eat? God no! Is she hungry? Hell yes.

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