Roosevelt Ave Midnight Crawl

Snap(shot) Judgements are posts that will appear with no real regularity. It’s primarily a way for us to get thoughts and photos up as soon as possible, especially when we have no plan to write a feature-length column on the subject. Here, Gary and over a hundred others take Roosevelt Avenue by storm. At midnight.

This past weekend, Jeff Orlick, he of the eponymous food blog Jeffrey Tastes, had another of his epic food crawls along Roosevelt Avenue in Jackson Heights, Queens. This time, however, there was a twist – it’d take place after the sun was down. Actually, it’d take place in the two hours surrounding midnight on a Saturday night. We started on 83rd St and Roosevelt a little before 11 pm where we met Jeff for our game boards and then we were off and running. I was lucky enough to tag along with some experienced Jackson Heights folks in Eric, Richard, and Mark to help guide me along the marathon of food carts and trucks on this one mile stretch of Queens. Two and a half hours later, we were very full but also very content.

Roosevelt Ave Midnight Crawl Game Board
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    1. @Kate I split the arepas with someone else while offering chunks of my halves to others, the first quesadilla and the plate with two tacos were also split with one other person, didn’t have the second quesadilla at all, the remaining two tacos all by myself, and only a tiny chunk of the kebab.
      Yeah, I ate a lot but not as much as it looks like I did!

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